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Pearly penile papules can make a man feel uneasy

When Martin, a thirty something businessman, came to my office you could tell that he was feeling quite uneasy. He thought that he had a very uncommon request. He said, „Doctor, you know, I have these bumps on my penis. I have them since I am 14 years old, but now they are starting to bother me. Could you please remove them?“. He had searched the internet and had learned that he had a noncontagious skin condition: pearly penile papules. After an examination with a dermatoscope I confirmed his diagnosis. I asked him, why he wanted me to remove the harmless bumps on his penis. He answered, „I recently broke up with my long-term girlfriend, who found my skin condition a bit yucky, but she had told me that she got used to it. Now I am dating another woman, but I am afraid that she might find it off-putting as well. And I do not want to have to explain to her what I have, when we get intimate.“ Weiterlesen